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Exchange Center of California, Inc.

(texas waste recycling center)

Used Clothing

We sell and export second hand clothing to the international and domestic markets. We have over 200 different categories of second hand and recycled clothing.

Wiping Rags

We have cut and uncut reclaimed wiping rags, such as:

- Lightweight Color
- Color Knits
- White Knits
- Light and Medium White
- Flannel Wipers
- Color Sweatshirts
- White Sheetings
- Color Sheetings and Others.


We have a wide range of vintage clothing for Japanese, European and Domestic Markets.


4925 Greenville Avenue
Suite #1005
Dallas, Texas 75206

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12848
Dallas, Texas 75225

Phone: (214) 760-7435
Fax:      (214) 741-1628

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